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Full Spectrum Wellness

Energy Medicine - Sound Healing - Yoga

Sacred Nautilus will work with you to harness your power, own your truth, embody your given wisdom, cultivate creativity, find your voice, and increase mental emotional well-being and vitality by cultivating a personalized integrative experience using yoga based philosophies and practices including sound healing, meditation and mindfulness, energy medicine, breath-work, and lifestyle changes. Using their knowledge and vast experience, they will provide you with a variety of tools to use to facilitate healing within.


Yoga and Energy Medicine: Welcome
Yoga and Energy Medicine: Services



Using a combination of herbs, reiki, sound, and intuitive healing I will help to clear you, your home, and/or your work space.


Sound and Energy Healing

gong placeholder.jpg

Photo captured by my 7 year old son. 

You are invited to my sanctuary, or I will travel to your home, office, classroom, studio, retreat, fundraiser, ceremony, etc. to tune into the cosmic vibration of the Dark Star Gong while I channel deep healing energies to:

  • open your heart

  • focus your mind

  • facilitate healing of body, mind, and spirit

  • clarify your energy field

  • increase vitality

  • amplify creativity

  • connect with your deepest soul truth and highest self


Contact me for more info and to book your session.

P.S. Are you a yoga teacher, sound healer, energy/light worker, life coach, musician, artist, etc. and want to collaborate on a workshop or healing session? Let's synergize our magic and effect great change.


Personal Guided Healing

(In person or virtually)


Would you like to become your best self inside and out? I will work with you to create an easy-to-follow personalized wellness plan to practice at home consisting of one or more of the following:

  • yoga asana (postures)

  • pranayama (breathing techniques)

  • mantra (chanting/singing)

  • meditations

  • essential oils

  • healthy eating guide

  • journaling prompts


We will meet regularly (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) to discuss your progress, do a yoga/meditation practice together, receive reiki, and/or experience sound healing.

Also available for partners, bffs, and small groups.

Contact me for more info and to book your free no obligation consult.

*recommend at least three sessions

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